Category: Economic Wealth

How much money do you need to fill your economic wealth bucket?

Total wealth is a combination of three independent equal parts: Economic, Social, Intellectual. This can be thought of as three separate buckets. The economic part is an important part of total wealth, but how do you know if your economic

Planting and growing a real money tree

Since some amount of money is required in life, it would be nice to have a money tree. Most people believe that a money tree is just a fantasy. Fortunately, a money tree can be real. Just like a real

Two types of economic people: Lenders and Borrowers

There are two main types of economic people: Lenders and Borrowers. Lenders lend out money and make money by charging some amount on the money that they lend. Borrowers take money from the lenders and pay back to the lender

Two general steps for increasing your economic wealth

Unless you get lucky(win the lottery, get a large inheritance, etc.), increasing economic wealth takes time and effort. Here are two general steps for most of us that are not that lucky. Step 1. Save Depending on your situation this