What is intellectual wealth?


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Intellectual wealth is the total value of the resources you have to meet your individual human intellectual desires. Individual action is the currency of economic wealth.

Individual actions can be defined as activities that you do, can do, or have to do on an individual capacity (tasks at work, hobbies, passions, chores, things you find interesting, etc.). Each action or activity has a value based how much you like or dislike the activity. Things that you like to do are positive, while things that you dislike doing are negative. Negative activities are actually like a debt and subtract from your total intellectual wealth. Net intellectual wealth is determined by totaling the positive activities and subtracting from is the total of the negative activities.

Intellectual wealth is used to fulfill a sense of self. Just as some of our biological systems have evolved to make us want to maintain social connectedness, others have evolved to make us push our individuality. Fulfillment of these systems provides a sense of individual self worth. This is what brings individual meaning to your life. You have true free will to take actions in your life that you feel are truly meaningful. They can be simple or very complex but the key is that you decide that you want to do them free from economic and social pressures.

Please use the Intellectual Wealth Calculator for a somewhat quantitative assessment of social wealth.

Also, how does this view of intellectual wealth compare with your own? Please leave comments below.


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