Four main steps for increasing your intellectual wealth

steps for increasing intellectual wealth

Intellectual wealth is the total value of the resources you have to meet your individual human intellectual desires and is a very important part of our overall wealth and life satisfaction. Here are four general steps that can be taken to help increase intellectual wealth.

Step 1. Increase the number of activities that you like to do (hobbies, passions, etc.)

Enjoyable actions done at the individual level are what intellectual wealth is made of, so increasing the number of these increases you intellectual wealth. Some specific actions may be to discover new hobbies by trying different things out,  figuring out the kind of things that motivate you and discovering more of those that you could do, etc.

Step 2. Increase positiveness of existing activities.

The more you like an activity the more positive it is. Increasing how much you like each of the activities that you do will also increase your intellectual wealth. Some specific actions include, trying to find good aspects of your daily activities so that you could get more enjoyment out of them. Also, if you have negative activities (activities that you do not like to do), reducing your amount of dislike for these or even trying to like them will also increase your wealth. Some specific actions would be, focusing more on their positive attributes, trying to understand why you do not like these activities, etc.

Step 3. Increase the amount of time spent doing activities that you like to do

Increasing the amount of time you spend doing activities that you like in your life will also increase you intellectual wealth. Some specific actions are to find more time to do the activities you like the most, do more activities that you like to do, etc.

Step 4. Reduce the number of forced activities and the time spent on them.

Activities that you dislike count as an intellectual debt and reduce your intellectual wealth. If you really do not like some activities and can’t change that feeling, then you should try to either not to do those activities at all or reduce and minimize the amount of time you spend doing them. This is like reducing debt and will increase your net intellectual wealth.

These are the main general steps for increasing intellectual wealth. There are further details within each that would need to be thought about further. Future posts will delve further into many different specific and practical details.


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