Social Wealth Calculator

How to calculate your net social wealth:

1. Think of each person(family members, relatives, friends, coworkers, supervisors, etc.) that you directly interact with (face to face, phone, or internet) for at least 1 hour/per week. Each of these is considered a social connection. Close pets can also be a social connection.

2. For each social connection(person) fill in 3 numbers in the form.

  • Feeling: from -10 to 10: how do you feel about your interactions this person. Negative(examples: really hate: -10, dislike a lot: -8, dislike: -5, dislike a little:-3, barely dislike: -1). Exactly neutral would be 0. Positive(examples: really love: 10, like a lot: 8, like: 5, like a little: 3, barely like: 1). These are example numbers but the number can be anything from -10 to 10. Also, people you feel exactly 0 for do not need to be added.
  • Importance: from 0-10: how important or close is this person to you. Do you depend on him/her? Are you really close to her/him? Importance is a combination of these two. Examples: extremely important: 10, very important: 8, important: 5, somewhat important:3, barely important :1, not important: 0. Any number from 0 to 10 can be used.
  • Time spent: from 0-10hrs: On an average week, roughly how many hours do you spend directly interacting with this person? Only direct interaction time should be counted. This includes talking, chatting, doing an activity together, etc. Time spent being in the same room but not directly interacting should not be counted. 10 means 10hrs or more.

Fill in these these 3 numbers(columns) for each of your connections(rows). After filling all of your connections leave the rest of the rows at 0’s. Your total net social wealth will be displayed a the bottom.


What does the final number mean? Below are general categories to get a feel of what the number means:

  • less than -50: way too much social debt
  • -50 to -20: too much social debt
  • -20 to 0: some social debt
  • 0 to 20: good start on social wealth accumulation
  • 20 to 50: can feel good about your social wealth situation
  • 50 to 100: a very good amount of social wealth
  • 100 to 200: A very high amount of social wealth
  • 200 to 300: very close to a full level of social wealth. Accumulating further social wealth will only add small increments to your actual total wealth.


If you have calculated your net social wealth above, it would be greatly appreciated if you would please add a comment below with your net social wealth number and the answer to this question: on a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied do you feel that your social emotional needs in life are being met?(10-very satisfied to 0-not at all). No need to put name or any other information. These numbers will be used to fine tune the above categories and make a summary graph of where people are in their social wealth situation.


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