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Importance of taking time to increase the social part of wealth: advice from Warren Buffet

Some of the wiser highly economically wealthy people understand the value of also accumulating the social part of wealth. Warren Buffet is one of the top 5 richest individuals in the world. Highly successful economically, he is also very wise

Harvard study regarding the importance of the social part of wealth

One of the most comprehensive long term studies related to life happiness, satisfaction, health, and longevity backs the important role of the social part of wealth in life. It upholds that social connections improve all aspects of a person’s life,

Family: a reservoir of social wealth

At the moment that we are born, we inherit a huge reservoir of social wealth: family. If you are lucky, you inherit a large number of family members who positively interact with you. Regardless, we all inherit at least some

Four main steps for increasing your social wealth

Although most of us focus strongly on increasing economic wealth, taking steps that can increase your social wealth is just as important for increasing life satisfaction. Here are four general steps that can be taken to help do that. Step